Guide for Visiting Nurseries

Whether you are starting your garden for the first time or want to fill up your garden with new flowering plants, you have to visit the nurseries. Visiting nurseries and just picking up plants randomly won’t work. You will end up with a garden full of dead and diseased plants. So, you need to make sure that you buy the best plants from the nurseries.


You will be overwhelmed by the choices you will get in nurseries. So, before you visit nurseries, plan. Decide what type of plants you want to buy and where you want to put them. The choice of the plant also depends on the type of pot you will be using. For example, if you have hanging pots, you can’t plant rose plants.

The location of your garden also matters. Some plants need a lot of sunlight to grow. So, if your garden is in a shady place, then don’t buy these plants. The amount of space you have for planting and the quality of soil must also be considered when buying plants.

Avoid impulse purchases

You will fall in love with most of the plants in the nurseries. But don’t just buy them impulsively. That way you will be buying plants that are improper for your garden. Before buying a plant, you need to know the condition of your soil, weather, space, and other conditions. You must buy only plants that match your condition.

Read the instructions

Most plants in the nurseries have instructions in the form of a plant tag. Here you will find the name of the plant, when it will bloom, how big it will grow, what it needs to grow, water requirements, amount of sun exposure, and more. So, this information will help choose the right plant.

Signs of unhealthy plants

You must know the signs of unhealthy plants. This can be yellowing leaves, for example, indicating nutrient deficiency or overwatering. You must check the roots of the plant. If the plant stays in the nursery for a long time, its roots begin to grow in circles, and this makes it difficult for the plant to absorb water.

If this is the case, you will notice that roots are growing through the container’s drainage holes. If the plants are infected with pests, then you will notice spots on the leaves. Wilting leaves are also a sign of unhealthy plants.

Select buds over bloom

It can be tempting to buy flowers in full bloom as they look attractive and beautiful. But don’t fall for it. It’s always better to buy buds rather than blooms. If you buy them in full bloom, the flowers will be there for a short time.

Buy small plants

Most people refrain from buying small plants thinking that it will be a waste of money. But that’s not true. They look nice and you will be able to handle them more easily. Small plants also grow quickly and they are cheaper.

Now you know how to visit a nursery to make your visit productive. You can pick the right plants for your garden if you consider these tips. Doing some research is always a good idea.